Our Beliefs

Our beliefs All software development companies have their beliefs about creating software. Those beliefs also affect how they treat clients and the level of commitment their employees have.


Custom Software is not a Commodity

Chances are you have received buggy, defective software that was delivered late and over-budget. Fortunately, not all software is created this way.

Software development is an Art

Software application development is not data entry, nor can it be completely automated, despite what the latest headlines and hype say. Business rules are usually very specific to the companies who use them. An adept software developer realizes the nature of these rules, and puts his mark and prudence on every development decision. He anticipates the consequences of his actions, and writes software that is elegant, cohesive, and maintainable.

Fast deliveries are Imperative

Adhering to the waterfall approach to develop software, and waiting months for results and prototypes, is not acceptable nowadays. We believe in weekly deliverables and milestones. The project can go into production when the minimum feature set is complete. New features can be added incrementally, on an as-needed basis.

Clients can evaluate every deliverable, making corrections and setting new directions for the project at any time. Agile software practices make coping with change easier, which is very different from the overly-complex processes which require multiple forms, signing off, and other impeding approaches.