About us

About us Privately owned and funded, Castle Stronghold is a burgeoning company focused on the development of custom enterprise software, primarily Web applications.

Since its inception in November 2006, Castle Stronghold has experienced a growing demand for its services. This is no surprise. Few software companies share Castle Stronghold's values and high standards for creating software.

Our Work

Working with Castle Stronghold's team of experts is a unique, reward experience. Your project is crafted by coding artists who are focused on delivering valuable solutions.

Each client has access to a staging server, where they can observe the project taking shape. They are encouraged to request changes and correct the project's direction at any time. We deliver usable, though unfinished, results every week for evaluation. Each project has a set of milestones encompassing all features.

While we embrace agile software development practices, we are flexible and understand that each team's environment is unique.

Our Mission

We believe that creating custom software applications is a serious undertaking, requiring a large investment of time and money. We are committed to generating a solid return on that investment by producing valuable software products, on time and exceeding expectations. Hence the premium nature of our work.