Our People

Our people A great company is made of great people. It is a simple and crucial fact, not marketing hype. We believe that employing talented people is imperative to fulfilling customer needs.

We only hire disciplined people with great achievements and healthy ambitions. Their desks, however, can be in complete disarray.

We give special attention to people who use their spare time to build and contribute to something bigger than they are, something that improves another person's quality of life. That includes, but it is not limited to, social projects and volunteer work.

Involvement with open source projects is also an indication that a person can work on a team, has social skills, and is disciplined enough to organize his spare time to evolve the project. Contributing to open source projects helps improve solutions and evolve, rather than being complacent and relying on existing, mainstream solutions.

It's no surprise then that all our developers are involved with open source projects.