Develoment Castle Stronghold is especialized in custom enterprise software development. We are involved in the whole development cycle encompassing planning, design, implementation and maintenance. We are prepared to take an idea and transforming it into a complete solution.


Planning: our business analysts can help identifying the requirements, while providing strategic advice and suggesting process optimizations.

Design: our architects can help you on identifying the right architecture given your application scenario and goals and to design the major components that will constitute your system's backbone.

Implementation: our developers can implement your solution using an iterative and incremental methodology. Unit tests and acceptance tests are used to guide our progress.

Maintenance: we are prepared to support and maintain the solutions that we built.

We offer different working models to clients overseas. You can hire us to augment your staff or have us completely involved on your solution construction.

Staff augmentation

Castle Stronghold can augment your software development team by leading a development effort in an unknown terrain or simply increasing your team size, giving it capacity to meet a deadline.

Offshore development

Clients overseas can hire us to perform either all or some of the development cycles. We only require an accountable and reachable person in charge of the project's success. He will be in touch with our team during all the working hours in order to make decisions, answer question that eventually come up and priorize tasks.

Iterative and incremental development

All software development in done using an iterative and incremental approach. We usually use one week iterations and present our deliveries on Fridays or Monday, accordingly to the customer's availability.

We find that this is the right approach as one cannot hire a software development company and expect three to twelve months to have an usable application (likely to not meet the initial requirements and be based on wrong assumptions).

Our commitment to quality

For a software application there are at least two categories of quality: perceived and internal. The perceived quality is the "visible quality", something that the customer can assert as he navigates on the application and, for example, fills inputs with incorrect data to test its behavior. It is easy - to some extend - to achieve a good perceived quality.

The internal quality however lies behind the curtain. It is the quality that is visible only to programmers and is as important as perceived quality, as custom software is expected to grow and change during its lifetime.

Castle Stronghold cares about all aspects of software quality. The perceived quality is achived by having a small but efficient QA team. In the absence of the QA, each developer can test what others have created, this ensure that the tests are not - unconsciously - simplistic. Most of the tests are automated, which is a time investment but it pays off in the long term.

The internal quality is achieved through constant code and design reviews, refactorings and quick, informal discussions on how to overcome a technical challenge.