Support Castle Stronghold offers Support Subscription packages to companies using the Castle Project to build their enterprise applications. With a support subscription, your team establishes a fast communication channel with our developers -- Castle Project's creators and maintainers.

Your team can report bugs or problems that are work stoppers - can ask questions disclosing more information than he or she could in a public forum, all of this with prompt answers and special attention.

Different subscription package levels are offered. Choose the package that meets your needs, you can always upgrade later.

A subscription is per user and per year. We recommend that all employees using the Castle Project have each one a subscription.

  $1200 (per user/year)
$2190 (per user/year)
$3975 (per user/year)
Knowledge Base access (*) Yes Yes Yes
Questions (per month) 10 20 unlimited
Incidents (per month) 3 6 12
Incidents maximum response time 1 Business day 5 Business hours 4 hours

(*) The Knowledge Base is under construction.

Knowledge Base

It is a database of recipes, known issues and small samples. It is populated based on general questions sent by our customers.


You can send questions related to the Castle Project regarding its usage and best practices. You are able to disclose more information about your environment and your project than you would in a public forum.


Any bug, problem or unexpected behavior can be reported using the incidents page. We treat them as high priority and provide a solution or a work around until a solution is implemented or a bug is fixed.

Response Time

With a support subscription your bug report or question receives special attention and we are committed to resolve it in a short period (varies accordingly to the subscription type)