About the Castle Project

Castle Project was officially founded in November, 2004 in an attempt to fill a gap in the CLI (emcompass Microsoft .Net and Mono) by providing the tools that would simplify the construction of enterprise applications while enforcing a reusable, lously coupled, testable and scalable architecture.

The project was started by Hamilton Verissimo, who combined his experience on enterprise application on a variety of plataforms and programming languages, with his skills on open source social engineering to foster a healthy and supportive community around it.

The Castle Project is composed maily by the following projects:


ActiveRecord allows one to map classes to database tables easily by just decorating the class with attributes.


MonoRail is a web framework that while enforces separation of the parts that composes a system into distinct layes. It also takes care of common and repetitive tasks.


MicroKernel is a simple yet extensible inversion of control container.

Windsor Container

The Windsor Container augments the MicroKernel capabilities to fulfil enterprise applications most common requirements.


Aspect# provides a very simple implementation of Aspect-oriented programming (also know as AOP) which can be useful in some scenarios to implement crosscutting concerns.

The project also implements key elements to all enterprise projects such as logging, transaction management and interception capabilities.